Minecraft 1.16 Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 HiddenKing

Hidden King Competitive Survival

0/50 online
2 DollyServer

0/700 online
3 BrineCrack Network

Java and Bedrock cross-play SMP server!

1/1 online
4 Minecraft Gods

3/50 online
5 ArivixMC

Survival, Skyblock, and more! What are you waiting for? Join us now!

0/100 online
6 The Stampede Pro Club

SPC - Stampede Pro Club

0/0 online
7 Amethystea

Survival Multiplayer server with added features such as mcMMO, Ranks, Claims, Player Shops, Economy, Anti-grief, Anti-cheat, and more.

0/50 online
8 AntiCraft


Just a place to play with friends and where staff crew listens you

0/0 online
9 Backstory SMP

We are a FabricMC server with the Origins mod! We have a great community

0/0 online
10 GHS++

Parkour,Ssurvival and a Creative Plot World

0/0 online